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Web application development


Travobject helps you create and distribute corporate and mission-critical applications using the web. The web as a platform is the new application development paradigm for distributing and hosting core business applications. New browser technologies allow seamless and secure usage of the web to connect employees on the factory floor, in offices, and all the way to the administrative suite. Cloud processing and hosting capabilities from multiple service providers allow for a truly virtualized environment.


This means that core applications are hosted and managed in the cloud, providing distributed processing capabilities without the infrastructure maintenance and support that comes with it. Additionally, cloud computing also means having built-in scalability for instantaneous adjustment to increases in demand.


Travobject is ready to distribute your custom application to all manner of devices, including mobile devices such as the iPad (iOS) and other tablets (MS Windows 8 or Google Android). Even smaller form factor devices such as smartphones form an increasing part of the core of services that corporations are relying upon to advance and compete. Your Travobject-built application can be designed to take advantage of many types of devices so as to maximize your reach and provide your company with a growing set of mobile devices to communicate with your critical business applications.