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Projet nuage de givre


BlobTracker: movement detection with interactivity for a public space

Travobject was commissioned by NOVA-LUX for the creation of a movement detection system based on image acquisition from HD cameras adapted to night vision: Blobtracker. The project Nuage-de-Givre was sponsored by the Quartier des Spectacles de Montreal consortium. The Nuage de Givre is an urban and interactive multi-media installation set for the festival of light of Montreal from December 15th until the first week of February 2012.


The experience provided by Nuage-de-Givre relies on specific illuminations and projection techniques recreating an illusion akin to northen lights (aurora borealis). Blobtracker literally detects movement and follows people as they move underneath a canopy of suspended ice packs where the Blobtracker system projects a white illumination overhead giving the illusion of tracking their movements.


Blobtrackers features (as of January 2012)


This figure : Blobtracker basic setup recognition of an illuminated shape (left) against the background and isolation by Blobtracker of the detected shape (right).

Typical and potential application

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