E-commerce and travel management systems, Viral strategist


Sticky strategies is about design for success.  This dynamic bunch of profesionnals will bring internet technologies and marketing know-how together as to create unique branding experience for (your) customers.  Working with Travobject as a technology facilitator and partner, it has created numerous e-commerce sites as well as dedicated travel management applications for large and small organizations alike. Sticky is about respecting your budget and finding unique and original ways to bring your products and services to a larger audience.


Digital Signage and kinetic installations projects



Novalux is a designer of digital multimedia installations providing services to production companies and public institutions. It currently has customers in Asia, Canada and the United States.   NOVA-LUX provides designs services for large scale productions during major events and a regular consultant for museum and permanent exhibits. A short list of customers includes Le Quartier des Spectacles de Montreal, Place des Arts and Shangai Circus productions. 


Travel e-commmerce Technology : Hotel content aggregation and distribution


Founded in 1981, Tours New York Inc. now doing business under the trading name of Alio, started as a specialist in motor coach tours operating from Montréal doing tours to, you guessed it, New York City. In the early years, Alio offered Quebec agencies a complete range of products for the Big Apple including hotel nights as well as packages including flights with Air Canada and American Airlines.



Core Technology partners 

Microsoft Bizpark

Bizpark partner logo

We are members of the Bizpark Microsoft initiatives.  We are leveraging completely the technology framework provided by Microsoft such as .Net and C# development tools. We extensively utilize the Team foundation services to manage source code development and also have all communications on project development between us and customers centralized under one roof. We propose Azure cloud services as a way for our customers to deploy their final project in production and during the development phase.



We partner with XAMARIN from which we get our cross platform development tools. This provides us with a way to leverage our deep current expertise in C# MS .NET development and move or create from it mobile applications to the Apple iOS (iPad, iphone) and Android platform.


Octopus Deploy


Our partner at Octgopus deploy provides a sophisticated platform for complex deployment of software over multiple computers.  This saves enormous time and resources as well as providing a precise tools for deployemnt of new versions thus accelerating and consolidating maintenance efforts.