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Carnivore Club E-commerce project


Designer: Sticky Strategy

Programming and e-commerce mechanics : Travobject


This unique online community is all about meat!  Meat for meat lover looking for a new and unique experience.  This is no ordinary meat an cannot be found easily at the local super market. Once a member of the Carnivore Club, you get access to a monthly unique selection shipped directly to your door.


Payments, Billing and shipping are handled from a site that allows the instigators of the Carnivore Club to maintain and publish new content themselves.  Using the versatile and open source No ops framework, Travobject devised an e-commerce web site that meets the exacting requirements of the designer.


All the elements for shipping and payments are handled directly in this framework allowing all transactions and purchases to be shipped automatically to destination. Instigators of Carnivore Club can self maintain and provide all manners of content for their site using a simple, easy to learn interface making this entire setup ideal for starting small while revenue grows.