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A Game of QR codes

A game of QR code


A game of QR codes for one special night of promotional event


Concept: NOVA-LUX

Programming and custom software by: Travobject


At a corporate event involving actual municipal buses on display and a working ticket validation machine.  A bunch of QR codes disseminated all over a giant party room. That was a recipe for a very special treasure hunt promoting products and services as much as the concept of advertising offered by the massive subterranean space and all over the Montreal public transit system.


The game was designed to illustrate the potential of mass advertising either in printed or electronic from within the space served by the public transit system.


The treasure hunt invited people to use their personal smartphone QR reading ability to register for the contest and by pointing at the various QR codes available either on paper posters or digital displays, answer questions specific to mass transit advertising and raise awareness of the potential that QR codes technology can bring to advertisers.